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Christmas Pudding

My day so far seems to have been dominated by Christmas pudding. The one on my desk, as discussed yesterday, left from a Christmas hamper, was consumed by myself and my colleague this morning – no spoons, no custard, no cream, but it wasn’t not worth it.

That came after spending my commute delving into Peter Carey‘s Oscar And Lucinda. It’s a richly written book, so far, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s based around the concepts put forward in Edmund Gosse‘s Father & Son, which I read a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed: both writers have a sound grasp of the written language and a distinct knack with a well-turned phrase. The book so far revolves around a similarly Devonian childhood gripped with religion and botany, so the similarities are plain, but this can only be expected to diverge from here on in.

As my desk is now tidy of both pudding and paté, my attention turns to actually doing some work, in this case VLE-based fun with Moodle. This’ll mean something to the pitiable fools in my line of work, but thankfully to noone else. I say work, what I actually mean is I’ll be rehearsing some basic Polish in advance of my course starting in April. So all together now: Czy Pan mówi po angielsku?


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