So I feel slightly guilty now as a kindly hippy has politely shamed me on my carnivorous views. Not that they’ll be changing any time soon, but I do like vegetarians, I promise!

Today sees me bimbling away on the usual work stuff: stuffing envelopes, data entry, uploading web stuff, emails, etc. In many ways, my job is exactly the same as probably a billion other people. But do they have corned beef sandwiches for lunch? Do they heck.

My desk is a slightly curious mixture these days. Gone are the no-unauthorised-access days, now I have to be vaguley presentable to incoming types. Thusly, no scruffy clothes and trainers, no photoshopped Natasha Bedingfield pictures, no trinkets from Ghana or Nepalese calendars. I do have, however a Christmas pudding, three miniature preserves, a small tin of paté, some dying, unidentified plants, an intinerary for the US trip, and a mug that needs washing. Also a certificate stating grade A+ in advanced teamaking.

I don’t miss my old job at all, but I do occasionally miss having a scruffy work zone. All around would be boxes piled high with papers, plastic wallets spilling out of drawers – and in the middle, my zen self, working in a blissful state of perfect convenience. Nowadays, I have tidy things, and I like that too, but sometimes I miss scruffy Simone.


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