We’re off to see America

to quote the ever-wise Grant Lee Phillips. My big terrifying/exhilarating news of the last few days is that I’ll soon be off on a recruitment trip around the Eastern seaboard of the United States, drumming up interest in my employer’s summer programme, and otherwise swanning around in a suit. Much as I enjoyed Belfast, this is a step up.

 I’ve not had to do business travelling before. I’m not so naive to imagine that it’s all glitz and glamour and first-class seats, but past this I have little idea of what to expect. As I sit up here in my hastily-converted staff room eating the remains of yesterday’s corned beef hash, it all seems a long way off. In reality though, tis but six weeks or so until I’m going. In fact, probably six weeks to the day. I’ll be getting a flight on Monday 3rd March to Miami. I’ll spend Tuesday there (chances are, saying hello to my leeetle friend. Or at least David Caruso) then trek to Boston to vist three colleges in the area. I guess I’ll be staying in Boston itself and hire a car to visit, so maybe I’ll get the chance for a look around. Maybe I’ll go to Bwaaston and get a cwaaafeee. After three days in the area I have the weekend off, so I’m thinking I’ll Amtrak to New York City: I’ve never been, and by all accounts, I really should.

Finally, train to Philly to visit my final stop, then a direct flight back from there. It’s quite a full schedule, for which I’m thankful: nothing would suck worse than being the Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Business Traveller. I’m hoping to meet up with a sort-of acquaintance in NY, and should be able to fill up my free time with visits and ting, so, the final verdict: a tentative should-be-good.

But still, frightening. I’m only little, I’m only young. I never expected this!


  • Book flights/hotels/hire car
  • Read wikitravel on literally everything
  • Work on my six-pack before going to South Beach
  • Give up on the six pack and buy a girdle and fake-tan arrangement
  • Rewatch Good Will Hunting
  • Practice my Noo Yawk phraseology: fugeddabouuut it; yo; etc.
  • Play some B-ball outside of the school
  • And so on

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  1. […] so apparently, I’m off to Los Angeles in May, related to last year’s trip to the Northeastern US; also Miami, which was bonkers, but I suspect LA will top even that for […]

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