Get Ready For Love

Nicholas CaveI’m currently mired several feet deep in Questionable Content. That’s right, my name is Simon and I’m addicted to a webcomic. I made the mistake of checking back the very first panel to see the start of the story, and I’m currently at about #500, not even halfway through. It makes work a lot easier.

Marten has just started one of the those new-fangled weblogs (this is ’05, still a step short of full cultural assimiliation of the abbreviation) based on his ability to spout tripe about his beloved indie rock. His and his compadres’ musings on the subject in fact do make up much of what passes for a music blog these days. Earlier on I added to my blogroll some of my favourite reads on the subject – these are witty, intelligent written, personal and engaging essays, and whether it be on a brand new band or an old favourite, thought and content has gone into the making of that essay.

I’ve all but given up on reading others. In the days when I was sweating over posting a daily mp3 and thoughtful piece, I kept my eyes peeled on blogs all over the world, I kept my face to the myspace; I even checked all the barrages of promotional emails that now go straight in the bin. There are hundreds of hot-new-tips out there, a million and one garage bands vying for your attention and there’s always a blog out there that’s willing to give it to them. The lure of being in there first leads to a mass whoring-out of integrity that means there’s this vast world of over-exposed, under-talented musicians being given an inordinate amount of hyperbole which will lead to absolutely zilch.

The blogs I’ve linked to are far less like this; they are wise and tasteful in their selections, not panicked and not up with the Jones’. Joe, for example, is to my mind one of the finest bloggers out there, deeply unconcerned with what’s hot or not, and a first class connection to that holy grail of mp3 blogs, Spoilt Victorian Child.

Anyway, this rambling nowhere-spiel has roughly to do with the fact that I’ve heard a ton about the Wombats who are the next big this, the next big that. I was waking up just the other day to the radio, and I thought wow, Bloc Party have really let themselves slip. Now, I’m aware that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but really: get some originality.

On the other hand, I’ve heard far too little from the monster of rock Nick Cave; he’s not ‘next’, he’s not really ‘big’, he might be a ‘thing’: he’s intelligent, his music has been consistently interesting and edgy for over a quarter of a century. Why is he not the biggest thing out there, and why does sub-standard drivel like the Wombats even exist? How did we, a great musical nation, become so desensitised to quality that we accept lowest-common-denominator pap such as this because it’s passed to us on a conveniently-placed spoon?

I have no understanding anymore, which is one of several reasons why I gave up mp3-blogging; but more power to those who stick it out and stick to their guns, for they are my buddys.


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