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Very well: I am large, I contain contradictions

I ate curried goat at the weekend. It was fan-blinkin’-tastic. I ate it with rice and peas and fried plantain and I loved it. I sometimes view myself as an honorary Jamaican; I could quite happily live off jerk chicken or curried goat.

But, I am the whitest boy alive: I enjoy indie-rock and intellectual electronica; the only hip hop I really enjoy is the pseud-y head stuff like Prefuse73. I enjoy watching football but not playing. I live in Wood Green but I’m actually from the Hampshire countryside. I see no real need for political activism. I can’t dance. I enjoy fitting myself in with questionable, unnecessary stereotypes for no real reason. I Am White.


2 Responses

  1. As it happens I’m a goat, but I eschew washing lines full of ladies’ knickers in favour of platesful of pork and beans. And flagons of claret. You wouldn’t catch me fitting in with questionable, unnecessary stereotypes.

    I am, though, a white goat. That is true.

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