So I’ve updated the blogroll a bit, here’s the new ones.

You should all know about the new Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green – I’m looking forward to it, not least because they’ve promised me coffee. Cool.

Scorn And Noise is Hackney-based, not that there’s anything wrong with that. With regards to newspaper circulation and cleaning out public loos, he Gets Things Done.

Dustysevens was infinitely kind in sending me a book by Richard Brautigan in exchange for a joke. She has a beautiful blog about music and the like, and given that the book was wonderful also, clearly has good taste.

The Daily Growl was a good music-based buddy of mine back in the days of You Can Call Me Betty. He has delightful taste, and also resides in this fair city of mine.

Despite his living in The South, I just plain like reading The Last Bus Home.

I like I like too: it was through Anne’s blog (I got there through the also lovely Nothing To See Here) that I found today’s laughing matter, Vinyl Sleeve Heads.

To The End Of The Line: detailed descriptions of tube lines? Yes please, thankyou please.

You should also pay a visit to the home of the witty Venn diagram, indexed.

Not to forget, of course:


One Response

  1. Thank you for the link: but are you sure you’ve added me to your blogroll?

    I’ll return the favour in a moment.

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