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Mmm, Christmas…

This is my last entry before my Christmas holidays, which is just ace. I won’t have internet access for ooh, about a week. It’s quite liberating. For someone as internetally-dependent as myself, to wean myself off like this is great. Next step, I’ll chuck my phone in a mug of coffee.

So my duties at work today include:

  • tidying my desk
  • distributing fairly the contents of a hamper from Thames Leisure (includes foie gras!)
  • drinking coffee

Sweet. This will be followed by a trip to Clarke’s for Christmas lunch (I still don’t think it’ll match Maze for poshness, but it looks pretty ace to me). After this, I’m a free man until January, sick.

In other news, the fine fellows from the forthcoming Wood Green Bookshop left a comment inviting me to coffee and badges at the forthcoming bookshop. Sterling idea, I say. It’s an unusual thing indeed to see an independent bookshop opening in Wood Green, of all the places, in these days of mass homogenisation and corporate blah. I very much hope that the Big Green Bookshop will live up to its promise: judging by the musings of its proprietors, it definitely should. I’ll be in there to support when it opens, especially if this coffee materialises. Mmm, coffee…

I wondered if the correspondence address on their website was going to be the shop’s actual location. I thought great! Noel Park is my manor, that’s like next door to Akbar. I could do that in five minutes. I guess it’s unlikely, all things considered, that’s hardly the best place for passing trade. But! It’s still some local fun, so I wholeheartedly approve.


2 Responses

  1. See something amazing it’s unreal pictures and video clips with homeless-guys
    this is outrageous when rich ones have plenty of houses they have not even one place to live click to see.

  2. hello there,
    merry wotsits and all that from my little flat in Noel Park (I’m using my address as correspondence until we get the keys). The shop itself will be but 2 minutes walk from the mighty shopping city, just (and only just) off the High Road.
    Look forward to pouring you a cup of java sometime soon.

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