LentilsMy childhood was quite far from a mung munching hippie tropicale, gastronomically-speaking. In fact, it was substantial distance from anything vaguely approaching the cosmopolitan approach to food that I now am able to enjoy. My exposure to international food was the occasional watery spaghetti bolognese, or better still the sort of legendary mum’s curry, containing everything from boiled eggs to raisins and slices of apple, with the which I’m sure many non-city dwellers of my tender age are familiar.

As such, I’m not really familiar with the world of lentils. Is there a difference between brown and puy? I think so, is my conclusion after having a go (cleverly, on someone who doesn’t like lentils). The spice was right, but the texture, not so much. I’ll be back (sorry in advance to the offended party…).


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