I’ve been alone in the office the entire day. I’m starting to get a little… fidgety. There’s plenty to do here, but it’s all pretty mundane, so I’m slightly avoiding it, especially when it means reading through a ream of management-speak in which I’m not really interested. So I’m glad I’m paid for contracted hours rather than for output, as per Innocent Smoothies as interviewed by whoever isn’t Declan on the business bit of BBC Breakfast yesterday. That seems to encourage a hard-working ethic, something the current British psyche isn’t really tuned into.

They work around a Fruit Tower there, you know. In teams, with the option of working at home. I don’t know, doesn’t sound that radical to me, but what do I know.They output a lot smoothies, probably actioning things, and verbing other words along the way.

It must be a fine line trying to make office life or management creative. The ideas are all there: hawaiian shirt day; bring-a-bottle meetings; fruit for everyone, that sort of thing. But it’s a fine and twisted line between creative and David Brent. In fact, I blame David Brent for non-adventurous management, but that’s a different matter. I’ve often wondered what it’s like to be non-drone-based-office-worker, i.e. management, and whether I’d end up there, or whether my brain would explode from self-loathing first. Maybe I’d try and be that manager that is 40 but still shares a house and plays computer games and is down with his 22-year-old temps. Maybe… not.


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