I miss Benjy’s

I could once do you a fantastic line in acronyms, I could. I could happily produce your ODL from SITS, or even better a rBr1 one from UCAS – easy to check in ACD.

Now I appear to be moving into the strange and distant land of MIS. MIS? MIS. I have no idea either, on the papers I looked at there’s some sort of mumbo-jumbo about project management, a lot of wordy guff that doesn’t mean anything, and some distinctly curious flow diagrams that look a little like Maxwell Roberts‘ (of Silver Hammer fame) Harry-Beck-rivalling curvy tube map. Seriously, they have to be seen to be believed, all bold strokes and delicate twists. All with a bunch of pleasing-on-the-ear but make-no-sense-at-all initials. I don’t care what they stand for really, as long as I get a training course to stick on my CV.

While I’m on the subject, curvy tube map: beautiful like a beguiling lady alien; or a travesty and mockery of good solid British design? I want to fall into the latter, but having seen the new tube map in all its overcrowded monstrosity, this flailing yet somehow enrapturing alternative looks really, really nice.


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