Time I Need A-changin’

The concept of one’s boss going on holiday for 6 months should be appealing to the majority. But I’m not so sure. I work in an environment where the boss knows everything, simply by virtue of the fact that he’s been doing it for ages, and the rest of us are reasonably new. It’s all going to be a bit new to me, and there’ll be plenty coming over the next few months which definitely will be (ah, the joys of educational administration), but I’ll put my most steely gaze on and it’ll be no problem, I think.

The whole thing got me questioning whether I’m just a fundamentally lazy person, however. When is the right time to push oneself forward – I presume I’ll have to pick up some slack during this time, but I guess if I fired on all cylinders I’d probably make a good show of myself then when the time comes to move on, I’d be stood in excellent stead. But the next step for me would be to move into lower management, and there’s a massive swathe of my thinking screaming out, I can’t be bothered! So I think yes, I am a lazy man, but I’ll have to press forward and be as sound and as efficient as humanly possible. This might mean significant spells where there’s just nothing to do, but that’s the price I’ll have to pay. I guess. It’ll mean forward planning, probably ‘actioning’ things, and other verbs which should never be verbs.

I’m happy with a 9-5, one that pays pretty well, doesn’t cause any headaches, that sits on the back shelf from evening til morning. Does this demotivate me? I’m certainly no creative force, where I imagine once I could have tried to be. I’ve never continued with my podcasts, or my sound engineering, my mandolin sits idle, my piano gathers dust, my novel sits on page one, looking forlornly at its overly-contented author.

You know what? I really don’t care. My life is contented, and maybe that means that I’ll have to move up to management once housing-buying looms its head, or that maybe I’ll have to work late once or twice rather than slacking off to watch the Simpsons. But I’m happy to not worry too much about progressing my career or my learning or my creativity. That makes me lazy by the world’s standards, but I’ve got bigger, better thoughts on my mind, thoughts of love and life, happiness, peace and contentment that work and art and study would never replace.

So maybe I’ll just stay as I am.


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  1. Ya big hairy hippy. Whatchyo talkin bout?

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