Had you going…

So that was some break. But real life, work, etc., all get in the way of these sorts of things. Hopefully now I’ll have the opportunity to update semi-regularly and at least espouse a little nonsense on the way.

Life has chucked some things at me over the last few months – since the last post in fact, which was mere days after starting this job. Now it seems like I’ve been here forever, which of course is not true. But I’m settled, established if you will; I have the biggest desk in the office, several curious plants, the Daddy of all printers and the opportunity to go photo-voiceover mad over some promotional films. I also have my brand new camera in real life, which means I’ll be pootling about a bit taking photos, and probably blogging them. It’s the end of autumn, which means some really nice, semi-wintry light, and although the boldness of earlier this month has gone out of the leaves, the last few stragglers are making things as beautiful as ever. Plans for the weekend include a trip up to maybe the finest wilderness in North London, Abney Park Cemetery; perhaps not as grandiose in monumental terms as the wonderful Highgate, but without a doubt as fascinating and just as charming.

More to follow, with a bit of luck.


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