Deep breath and…

“Feel free to text if you want to spew.” Encouraging words for a first day at a new job, although I think my first reaction was not the intended result. Spew forth verbally, I think was the picture. So yes, today’s D-day when the new post begins and although I’m not worried about it as such, nor do I think the work will be a problem, etc., there’s still a slightly sick feeling as with all things new. Stupid guts.

So I’ll top this up later when I have something to report; my guess is that the first day will be like an introduction to the institution, to my new colleagues etc. It should be fine, it should be fine, ad infinitum.

In other news, the new house is already to move into at the weekend: they say that moving, a new job and getting married are the most stressful things you’ll ever do, which means I’m taking on two at once. Good work Simone. But, nae bother, I’m a big boy, I’ll manage. It’s only down the road.


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