To clarify

The landlord kindly decided to move back into our house, without really telling us as such. It’s all confusing. But it means my options are many-fold, currently veering down two aisles.

1) Move with everyone then get someone new in soon.

2) Go live on my own.

What? In London? Are you mad? Well, ish, maybe. It’s possibly just a pipedream on my wages, even though they’re soon to go up, but I’m pretty tired of bumming around houseshares. It’s a pretty unfulfilling life that, and going it alone sounds fun, if pricey. And I don’t know, last time I was living without actual friends in the flat, it saw me spend a lot more on entertaining myself. So maybe a three is the way to go…

I was about to type, I hate Greeks. Which is grossly unfair and inaccurate, just one particular Greek.


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