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Does life seem nasty, brutish and short?

Sometimes coincidences happen, if you believe in such things. For example, song of the week features the line “The world is not my home, I’m just a-passin’ through.” Sometimes I feel this more often than others; at times I feel quite distant from those around me, for reasons that can’t really be explained to myself, by myself, or whatever. There are times when only somebody else’s words do, and this week Tom Waits, not known neccessarily for his religious convictions, hits the spot.

“Well you’re high on top of your mountain of woe,

Well you know you should surrender but you can’t let go.”
I can see the logic in this line, as well. It could be (in this very spiritual-type song) speaking to any type of people, but this week I’ve been encountering those who hold a high horse but ain’t so happy. They become, in essence, Mr Gruff. Mmm, coffee. One has to surrender one’s own high horse/goat also at times, so I sympathise. This is all deeply, unhelpfully unspecific. For the record, don’t associate me with either Mr Gruff or his nemesis Lambuel.

Mr Gruff

On the plus side, I got some bits and bobs for the new job through (see the new map!) and enthusiasm is well and truly kindled. Looks like it might be a little in-at-the-deep-end, but I’m well up for that after a distinctly uninspiring penultimate week here.


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